Roof Replacement
Tri-County Roofingoffers a wide range of shingle
colors and styles and can obtain shingles from
most manufacturers. We can also install a
variety of residential roof system including
tile,and wood shingles..

Our experienced estimators will visit your home
and provide a free estimate for a roofing solution
that meets your needs and budget. Many homes
also have a need for flat or metal roof systems.
Our commercial roofing division brings
experience with these systems often not found
with small contractors.

Tri-County Roofingis licensed and properly
insured and has the certification of Master
Inspection & Roof Repair
Certified Inspections
With over 30 years of continual hands on experience in all areas of roofing,  Tri-County
Roofing is a roof inspector who is uniquely qualified for roof inspections, roof evaluations and
roof certifications. Because of our high level of confidence in our ability to provide repairs,
Often we are able to certify roofs that others can't.

Tri-County Roofing has been involved in the roofing Industry for over 35 years. We have the
knowledge and experience to diagnose those tricky roof problems like dry rot and get the job
done right the first time.

Roof certifications are different from a home inspection. Home inspectors, usually do not
perform thorough roof inspections. Instead, we climb up on the roof and inspect various
components of the roof such as the general condition of the roof materials, flashing around
roof pipes, chimneys, vents, valleys and mounting of HVAC units.
If the roof does not require repairs,Tri-County Roofing will then simply issue the roof
certification, and vouch for the watertight integrity of the roof. The certification will be 2 or 3
years, depending on the requirement.
Elite Contractor given only to a select few by GAF/ELK.

Our warranties carry the backing of major manufacturers, and a company with over 30 years of
Roof Repairs
Don't let that leak become the need for a
new roof - request service today for your
emergency roof repair needs.

We'll come right out and evaluate the
damage, and let you know what you can
expect in terms of time and cost. We're
quick, efficient and we get the job done
right the first time.
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